Don’t Quit your Job Without Having Another Job Already Lined Up!


There are people who feel overly stressed in their current IT jobs and decide to quit their jobs before having a new job lined up. Unless your skills are in high demand, you shouldn’t quit your job without having another position already lined up. It is possible that your job search can take much longer than you anticipated.


Things that can go wrong if you quit your job before lining up a new job:

    1. Your job search ends up taking much longer than anticipated.
    2. You don’t have enough reserves to afford to be out of work for an extended time period.
    3. The skills that you have are not in high demand.
    4. You start to appear desperate after being out of work for an extended period.


Being unemployed can have a negative impact on your interview performance. In the early stages, it may not be a problem, but as time passes you may begin to show signs of desperation during your interviews, and hiring managers can definitely read those signs of desperation. The longer you remain unemployed, the more desperate you become. Just remember that no manager wants to hire someone who comes across as desperate.


Hiring managers want to hire the best candidates on the job market. If you are still employed, you tend to be more relaxed when interviewing. Also, being employed makes you appear more desirable to hiring managers. While it may seem like a quitting your job will give you more time to conduct a proper job search, it can actually hurt your desirability with hiring managers.


If you still plan on quitting your job before you find another position, make sure that you have enough savings to last you at least six months. The worst possible thing that can happen is that you run out of your savings before you are able to land a new job.


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