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Don’t Quit your Job Without Having Another Job Already Lined Up!


There are people who feel overly stressed in their current IT jobs and decide to quit their jobs before having a new job lined up. Unless your skills are in high demand, you shouldn’t quit your job without having another position already lined up. It is possible that your job search can take much longer than you anticipated.


Things that can go wrong if you quit your job before lining up a new job:

    1. Your job search ends up taking much longer than anticipated.
    2. You don’t have enough reserves to afford to be out of work for an extended time period.
    3. The skills that you have are not in high demand.
    4. You start to appear desperate after being out of work for an extended period.


Being unemployed can have a negative impact on your interview performance. In the early stages, it may not be a problem, but as time passes you may begin to show signs of desperation during your interviews, and hiring managers can definitely read those signs of desperation. The longer you remain unemployed, the more desperate you become. Just remember that no manager wants to hire someone who comes across as desperate.


Hiring managers want to hire the best candidates on the job market. If you are still employed, you tend to be more relaxed when interviewing. Also, being employed makes you appear more desirable to hiring managers. While it may seem like a quitting your job will give you more time to conduct a proper job search, it can actually hurt your desirability with hiring managers.


If you still plan on quitting your job before you find another position, make sure that you have enough savings to last you at least six months. The worst possible thing that can happen is that you run out of your savings before you are able to land a new job.


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Post Technology Jobs for Free (Trial Period Extended)

AmherstIT has extended the trial period. This will allow employers to post jobs and test out the site free.

- The AmherstIT Team

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Post Technology Jobs For Free (Limited Time Offer)


The AmherstIT site has been redesigned. Many new features have been added. One of those features is a job board that will allow employers to post their IT jobs on our site. These posted jobs will be viewable by everyone who visits our site. We are looking forward to showcasing this new feature to employers who are interested in getting additional exposure for their technology jobs.


The AmherstIT Team wants to offer employers an opportunity to test out our new job post feature. So, for the remainder of 2015, we are going to allow employers to post their Information Technology jobs on our site free of charge. This is a limited time offer that is only available until Midnight of December 31, 2015. Starting on January 1, 2016, employers will still be able to post their IT jobs to our site, but will have to purchase one of our job packages in order to do so.


If you are an employer with a technology job requisition and you are interested in getting additional exposure for your open positions, you should take advantage of this limited time offer. You will be able to post up to 10 IT jobs per month on our site. This is your chance to test out this new and special feature that we have added.


The new AmherstIT site is not your typical IT search firm website. Register for an AmherstIT account and start posting your IT jobs today. This is a limited time offer and is available to all employers with IT jobs. This offer expires at Midnight on December 31, 2015.



Technology Jobs Are Back!


The Information Technology world has found new life. The last time that technology jobs were this abundant was back in the late 90s and early 2000, before the dotcom bubble burst. In the late 90s, startups were all the rage. You really didn’t even have to have a great business plan in order to get funding. There were investors lining up behind every door waiting to throw seed money at any half-baked idea. Some of those business startup ideas have gone on to become great successes, but the majority of them have fallen by the wayside.


Fast forward 10+ years later and the IT market is experiencing new life and the demand for strong technology professionals is high. In the late 90s, it is reported that $50 billion was invested in startups. The current investment this time around is projected at a mere 10% of that number. That being said, $5 billion dollars is still a lot of money. The primary difference this time around is that venture capitalists are much pickier about where they put their money.


The positive aspect of investors being tighter with their money means that only the best business startup ideas are going to get investment capital. This means that new technology startups have to really understand their business sector and be able to sell the positive attributes of their technology startup. The companies have to show a strong advantage to their business model. So despite the risk involved in working for a startup, the odds of success are higher than they have ever been. The bad news is that there will be some great ideas that go unfunded.


This new money being invested in startups has definitely helped to inject more life into the number of technology jobs available in the marketplace. While startups are definitely getting a boost of capital and many are making headlines, the jump in jobs in all sectors of technology has made caused an increase in demand for technology people. The Cloud and Big Data are all the rage. The boost in demand for technology candidates is not solely the result of technology startups. Established companies are constantly reinvesting in new technology. The beautiful thing about technology is that it is always in a constant cycle of expansion. Technology does not stand still. It is constantly being upgraded and improved upon.



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Information Security Jobs

The hottest jobs right now are those in the Information Security sector. There is a huge demand for Identity and Access Management (IAM) professionals, Security Risk Analysts, Security Architects, etc. The demand for InfoSec professionals should continue to increase as more and more companies put greater focus on security.


It seems as if every week there is a new report of another company that has experienced a security breach. In this day and age, where we spend so much time online and share so much personal information, security should rightfully be at the top of every company’s list of priorities. No industry has been safe from hackers. From banks to restaurant chains to healthcare organizations, no one is safe. The list of high profile companies that have been hacked include, JPMorgan Chase,, Target, Sony, Anthem, USPS, MCX, Staples, Kmart, Dairy Queen, Home Depot, Supervalu, P.F. Chang, Community Health Systems/Tennova,, Jimmy John’s, etc. This does not include the list of smaller companies that may have also been hacked.


A Gallup poll conducted from October 12-15, 2014 revealed that more than 2/3rds of Americans were worried that their credit card information used at stores might be stolen by hackers. Slightly more than 60% were worried about their computer or smartphone being hacked and their information being stolen.


Companies have to realize that their brand can be severely damaged if they suffer a breach and the information of their customers is stolen. The negative press from such an event could cause millions if not billions of dollars of damage to the brand. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that companies would try to shore up their systems and keep hackers from getting in.


This increased focus on security and protecting the privacy of customers is good news for information security professionals. Your talents are in-demand and that means greater job security, more competitive salaries, and more opportunities for you to consider.