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Information Security Jobs

The hottest jobs right now are those in the Information Security sector. There is a huge demand for Identity and Access Management (IAM) professionals, Security Risk Analysts, Security Architects, etc. The demand for InfoSec professionals should continue to increase as more and more companies put greater focus on security.


It seems as if every week there is a new report of another company that has experienced a security breach. In this day and age, where we spend so much time online and share so much personal information, security should rightfully be at the top of every company’s list of priorities. No industry has been safe from hackers. From banks to restaurant chains to healthcare organizations, no one is safe. The list of high profile companies that have been hacked include, JPMorgan Chase,, Target, Sony, Anthem, USPS, MCX, Staples, Kmart, Dairy Queen, Home Depot, Supervalu, P.F. Chang, Community Health Systems/Tennova,, Jimmy John’s, etc. This does not include the list of smaller companies that may have also been hacked.


A Gallup poll conducted from October 12-15, 2014 revealed that more than 2/3rds of Americans were worried that their credit card information used at stores might be stolen by hackers. Slightly more than 60% were worried about their computer or smartphone being hacked and their information being stolen.


Companies have to realize that their brand can be severely damaged if they suffer a breach and the information of their customers is stolen. The negative press from such an event could cause millions if not billions of dollars of damage to the brand. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that companies would try to shore up their systems and keep hackers from getting in.


This increased focus on security and protecting the privacy of customers is good news for information security professionals. Your talents are in-demand and that means greater job security, more competitive salaries, and more opportunities for you to consider.